Admin Rules

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Admin Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:16 pm

Admin Rules

In-Game Rules
1.) Do not abuse your commands
2.) Do not DM players
3.) Do not talk about another server
4.) Do not Spam
5.) Do not abusively tell players what to do
6.) Do not Spam admin chat on @Skype
7.) No racist comments towards players
8.) If you are innactive for 3 days without legitament reason your Fired/Suspended and will be replaced!
9.) Respect Your Superior Administrator!

Forum Rules
1.) Do not ban anyone without the consent of an Owner or Co-Owner
2.) Do not be mean to players because you "Dont Like Them"
3.) Respect Superior Admins and What They Say Goes
4.) Do not say DENIED or ACCEPTED unless you are a Co-Owner or Staff Manager Without The Consent of one of them
5.) Do not double post

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